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READ THIS FIRST: Order of the Athanor
« on: August 04, 2008, 08:22:45 PM »
First off, Welcome to the forums of Order of the Athanor. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Order of the Athanor (OotA) is a World of Warcraft Horde-side guild on Defias Brotherhood (EU). We are a mature, casual raiding guild that puts real life stuff before the game. We enjoy WoW for the game that it is and find it fun to unwind after a hard day of work with friends and mates in the guild chat and on mumble.

We are a mature guild.

We have an 18+ recruitment policy. While we have been known to make exceptions, these are few and far in between and are only allowed when their are good reasons to do so. We prefer to have mature people in our guild and while maturity is, admittedly, a subjective term when describing people playing an MMO,  the rule is actually a social divisor in disguise. Most of the people in OotA are 25+ (with some ...venerable... people bumping up the average age ;) ), have a job and/or families and we find it hard to relate to 13 year olds who are only just starting high school. 

We are a casual guild.

As said before, we are a casual guild, putting our real lives before WoW. RL issues will ALWAYS take precedence. Guild kicks for inactivity are rare, and are only done when a member has been offline for 6 months without letting anyone know why he is inactive. Even then, we frequently re-invite people kicked for inactivity without issue.

We are a raiding guild.

While leveling is a large part of the game, the real fun stuff starts at level 90. Endgame content raiding is what we do, killing bosses for the progression and for the lore. WoW is a game rich in lore with some very challenging raid content. There's nothing more fun then doing a boss encounter with 10/25 people and killing him/her/it for the first time.

Joining the Order of the Athanor: How to?

Well, it's pretty straightforward. If you've read this topic so far and believe we're the right guild for you, just create an application topic in this sub forum.

What do we expect from an application? Some pretty basic stuff:

- Who you are
- Where you're from
- How old you are
- What character/spec you are applying with and why (besides the blatantly obvious ofc). Add armory links.
- Previous guild experience(s)

Now of course, this is just some basic information. What we expect from an applicant besides some basic facts is a personalised application. Be inventive, be creative and most of all, be yourself. Look around this subforum for some good accepted applications and some less good rejected ones for a better idea on how to post a good application.

I've been accepted. Now what?

Well, we use a system called 'the Mentor system' to introduce and integrate new players into the guild. Once your application has been accepted, its status will change to 'Accepted, Pending...' until one of our members takes on the role of acting as your mentor. He or she will act as your personal coach to help you perform to the best of your abilities in the raid, help out with gear questions, spec issues, what enchants to choose and so forth and to adapt to the sometimes wacky guildchat of ours.

EVERY new recruit, regardless of gear, spec or even previous experience will receive a mentor. The mentor will be the person who will report to the officer team regarding your performance during raids and your behavior in guild chat/on the forums/on ventrilo, and he will notify us if he thinks you're ready to be promoted to Full member status.

Good luck with your application, and see you in-game!
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