Author Topic: Roguefort - lvl 18 rogue (alt of Hanskeh)  (Read 1444 times)


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Roguefort - lvl 18 rogue (alt of Hanskeh)
« on: December 13, 2010, 02:52:07 PM »

My name is Roguefort and me and my homies had to run away because some weird dragon burnt down my home town and my very cool Hot Rod!! Then my ship got shipwrecked and all these fellow goblins that I do not like had to be saved by the awesome me because I got swimming boots that made me swim faster than Pieter van den Hoogeband. I travelled through the mysterious jungle of the Lost Isles and finally ended up in Ogrimmar eating fruit from a fruit vendor in The Valley of Strength.

My age is similar to my level, so I can become very old in no time. But when I reach the age of 85, I will never become older !

As I said earlier, I'm a Rogue combat specced at the moment just because it's a cool word. I've been active for a reasonable period in your guild already as a Paladin called Hanskeh. 

More serious version:
My name is Hans and I live in Holland, working at Acer with Urthai, Trolf, Inca, Sun-bubbly-sparklez-saviory-delight Sunstorm, etc. I was active some time ago with my Paladin and I would very much like to reinforce the guild with my uber Rogue powers! I'm 24 years old and a loving boyfriend for my girlfriend, kids excluded (so no waste of time.....).

Anyways, Sunstorm will possibly be obliged to respond in a childish fashion due to his ‘condition’. Maybe I’m defiling his unmatched trust in me but I have to tell ya, he’s an exact copy of Sheldon of The Big Bang Theory, only he does not have to knock 3 times like Sheldon does, but that is replaced by ‘having to respond with lame jokes that are not funny’.

I hope you guys would like to have me once again, even if it’s only for my fair amount of gold, like 3 Gold or so….

/Roguefort out!


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Re: Roguefort - lvl 18 rogue (alt of Hanskeh)
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2010, 02:56:36 PM »
Did anyone notice yet that he is a 'Senior Agent', wich makes him incredibly powerful and influential within the Acer perimiters, meaning that if he were to get rejected, he will unleash his fury on us lesser agents? (meaning Sunstorm and me)

Edit: I can imagine that none of you would care one bit if Sunstorm would be bashed around by Hanskek, but consider poor me, please.
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Re: Roguefort - lvl 18 rogue (alt of Hanskeh)
« Reply #2 on: December 13, 2010, 03:07:43 PM »
Don't forget you supervisor is also reading this forum, get back to work you 2! :P

btw, +1 from me  ;)
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Re: Roguefort - lvl 18 rogue (alt of Hanskeh)
« Reply #3 on: December 13, 2010, 03:14:07 PM »
you are still in the guild (Kay and me found out when we typed your paladin name and it colored pink)

So whisper an officer to get an invite.

edit: locked before sunstorm gets in \o/
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