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Forum Rules - Read before posting
« on: February 14, 2008, 11:00:32 AM »
Forum rules:
Reporting a Bug or Technical problem

If you experience a problem or bug with the forum, you may start a new topic to discuss this and receive technical support from our webmaster. We ask only that you 'tag' your topic title as follows,
[Bug] <your title>

This makes it easier for our webmaster to keep an overview of existing bugs and problems detected on the site. When the problem is solved, the moderators change your title to:
[Solved] <your title>

Posting a suggestion for the site

We encourage our members to bring up ideas, suggestions and additions to our site. We also encourage them to do this properly ;)
When creating a new topic to for a suggestions, please tag your title as follows,
[Suggestion] <your title>

Should your suggestion be approved and put in production, then the moderators may change the tag of your title to,
[Approved] <your title>

If a concensus is reached that the suggestion will not be implemented, moderators may retag your title as follows,
[Refused] <your title>

Tag Legend

[Bug] : a Bug report or technical problem
[Solved] : a report of a solved bug.
[Suggestion] : A reported suggestion for the site
[Approved] : An accepted suggestion
[Refused] : A refused Suggestion
[New Feature] : announcement of a new feature.
[Update] : Update information of an existing feature.

no tag : anything else